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Real Boxing 1.5.0

Real Boxing: promising, but no contender

Real Boxing takes a swing but doesn't fully connect in this beautiful, but mediocre game for iOS.

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  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Great music and sound effects


  • Frustrating controls
  • Pressure for inapp purchases

Not bad

Real Boxing takes a swing but doesn't fully connect in this beautiful, but mediocre game for iOS.

It's no K.O.

Real Boxing aims to deliver a console-quality boxing game on a mobile device with mixed results. After a tutorial that teaches the basics of boxing, you create your boxer. The basic customization options are all cosmetic (e.g. hair color, shorts, tattoos) and won't affect gameplay. Your boxer's ability is determined by three factors: strength, stamina, and speed. The categories can be improved by training at the gym through simple, but not particularly interesting mini-games that require you to tap on screen at the correct time. In order to train more, you have to compete in more fights or through inapp purchases. 

The game starts out strong and the early fights are enjoyable to play, however the game quickly loses momentum as you progress further in the career mode. It's not long before opponents are far too strong and can knock you out with one punch while barely taking any damage because your opponents have slightly higher speed,stamina, or strength ratings. The sloppy controls (see below) add to the frustration. To beat superior opponents you must have a near-perfect fight which detracts from gameplay and realism.

Real Boxing also offers multiplayer mode where you can challenge other boxers from around the world. Unfortunately, there appeared to be server issues and depending on the continent you choose, you might not be able to find players to fight.

How to play

Your boxer can throw right and left jabs, hooks, and uppercuts.Real Boxing is based around timing your swipes. Which you hand you punch with is determined by the direction you swipe. There is also a block button and a dodge button to protect your boxer. However, taking three consecutive punches while blocking will stun you and timing your dodge wrong could mean a K.O. Health can be restored by touching a lock up button that appears and tapping the screen as quickly as possible. 

As mentioned above, the controls in Real Boxing can be unresponsive: sometimes left jabs don’t register and the dodge button doesn't always respond and sometimes you’ll get clobbered by a right uppercut when you meant to weave out of the way. 

How it looks

The graphics in Real Boxing are outstanding and easily the high point of the game. Boxers begin to sweat and cuts and bruises appear as they take more damage and the fight lasts longer. Movements are fluid and this game looks like it belongs more on a console than a mobile device or tablet. The game also has an impressive soundtrack: hip-hop is played while your boxer enters, you can hear your boxer's heartbeat when his health is low, and sound effects such punches sound crisp. Unfortunately, spectacular visuals and quality sound only make up for so many of the games shortcomings.

The Verdicts

Despite beautiful graphics, Real Boxing punches below its weight due to frustrating controls and multiplayer issues.

Real Boxing


Real Boxing 1.5.0

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